Our automated parking is secure and convenient, with all parking located less than a 5-minute walk from the terminal. Parking at Barkley is also more affordable than any other paid airport parking around.

We have two locations to pay for parking:

1) Walk-up station in the terminal building across from the Hertz counter that accepts both cash and credit cards.
2) Drive up station at the parking lot exit accepts credit cards only.

Note: once you pay for parking in the terminal you have 30 minutes before you incur any additional charges.

When using either machine, insert your parking ticket with the magnetic stripe up and to the right, and do the same with your credit card when prompted. Receipts can be printed at both stations.

To calculate your parking cost on a 14 day stay. $8 x  (first) 7 days= $56 + $7 x (next) 7 days =$49.
So $56+$49+ (any additional $1/hr charges) = your total cost