ATC Tower


Barkley Regional Airport’s tower is one of the FAA’s contract tower program towers. The airfield/airspace is tower controlled from 5am CST until 11pm CST. Controllers from Midwest ATC staff our tower 365 days a year.

Our tower controls all airspace below 5,000 ft within a 5 mile radius of the airport.  Any Aircraft operating in this envelope must contact the tower. 

CTAF:  119.6
UNICOM:  122.95
WX ASOS:  118.375 (270-744-6719)
PADUCAH GROUND:  121.7 306.9 [0600-2300]
PADUCAH TOWER:  119.6 306.9 [0600-2300]
WX AWOS-3 at M30 (7 nm N):  124.175 (618-524-7483)
WX AWOS-3 at M25 (20 nm SE):  120.625 (270-247-2094)

Anyone wishing to report suspicious or curious air traffic activity or needing to speak with the controller on duty can contact the tower at (270) 744-6564

NOTE: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones cannot operate anywhere on or around the airport above 400ft, without a waiver from the FAA and permission from ATC. For more information about obtaining a waiver visit the FAA’s DroneZone page.