Airport Badging

Application Information regarding AOA and SIDA badges

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Barkley Regional Airport (PAH)


Anyone needing access to the airfield at Barkley Regional Airport must fill out the appropriate application below in Microsoft Word, and fill it out, and email it to

If you are a contractor, subcontractor or Airport employee or FBO that needs access to the secure area around the terminal you will need a SIDA badge.

If you are a contractor, subcontractor, own, operate or staff a based aircraft then you will likely need an AOA badge

if you are unsure feel free to send an email to the address above, asking which one you need.

Contractor AOA Badges
$75 *

Other AOA Badges

Contractor SIDA Badges

Other SIDA Badges

*All airport project contractor Badges, require a $350 deposit in addition to the badge cost. Deposit will be refunded upon completion of the project after all badges have been turned in to the Airport Office

A birth certificate or social security card AND driver’s license or passport, or other form of acceptable ID (see application form).  Appointment times are available seven days a week, please contact the Badging Office at (270) 744-0521 or to setup your appointment.

All badges require applicants complete a driver training course that is associated with your operations at the Airport  To learn which training course you require and to setup an appointment, please email