Kentucky representative Steven Rudy receives the Inagural
Kentucky representative Steven Rudy receives the Inagural

Recently, Representative Randy Bridges and House Majority Floor Leader Steven Rudy were honored by Kentuckians for Better Transportation (KBT) as recipients of the Inaugural Legislative Mover Awards for their commitment to making transportation in the Commonwealth better during the 2024 Legislative Session.

One of the centerpiece of the 2024 Legislative Session was HB 1. It included approximately $550M of new dollars across all modes of transportation and across the entire Commonwealth, Including:

  • $18.5M towards the Riverport Asset Preservation Program ensuring Kentucky public riverports remain key gateways to international commerce and catalysts for rural economic development.
  • $57M to Kentucky commercial and general aviation airports that are part of an aviation industry that brings high-paying jobs, training opportunities and global air hubs to the Commonwealth.
  • An unprecedented $30M investment in new programs for rail development, expanded industrial access and safety programs for a rail industry that has the potential to be a huge economic catalyst for the Commonwealth.
  • $450M that was transferred from the General Fund to the State Road Fund for the Kentucky bridges and roads that build livelihoods and strong systems of commerce. By its investment, the General Assembly recognized that maintenance and safety are the backbone of Kentucky’s infrastructure, and the present was the time to seize growth opportunities in that industry.

“We want to thank Representative Bridges and House Majority Floor Leader for their continued support of aviation and more specifically, Barkley Regional Airport. While we commend these two local legislators on this award, the 2024 Legislative Session proved that Kentucky is ready to move forward with transportation,” said Barkley Regional Airport Executive Director Dennis Rouleau.

The entire list of the Inaugural Kentuckians For Better Transportation Legislative Mover Award recipients can be found at their website,