WEST PADUCAH, Ky. — As of Monday morning, all passengers departing Barkley Regional Airport can now use a full-body scanner as part of the airport and TSA’s pre-flight security screenings.

All non-TSA PreCheck passengers will not pass through the scanner as part of security protocol. Just as those passengers with TSA PreCheck will have the option to use the scanner, passengers also have the ability to opt-out of the scanner and receive a full-body pat down instead.

The new generation of body scanner also feature masking technology that allow TSA agents to see anomalies but not specific part of the bodies.

The full-body scanner, paired with the new carry-on baggage screener that does not require the removal of liquids or electronics that was installed last year, now gives Barkley passengers all the security features available at major airports without the lines and hassle.

The installation of the new full-body scanner would not have been possible without the efforts of State Senator Danny Carroll and State Representatives Randy Bridges, Chris Freeland, Richard Heath and Steven Rudy.