WEST PADUCAH, Ky. — The Barkley Regional Airport Authority received notification late Monday from Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s office that it will receive an FAA grant to begin Phase I of the interior perimeter road project that will connect the old and new terminals, as well as Midwest Aviation’s terminal.

This project rehabilitates the existing on-airport roadway to provide a path for aircraft rescue firefighting trucks, airport vehicles or ground service equipment to operate without entering air traffic areas, adding 6,100 feet to the existing road. The grant, in the amount of $379,620, funds the first phase, which consists of design.

“This is another initiative by the airport’s board to help maximize airport safety,” said BRAA executive director Dennis Rouleau. “The interior perimeter roadway will permit non-licensed airport/aircraft support vehicles, aircraft rescue firefighting vehicles access different parts of the airfield without the need to traverse on active runways or taxiways.  While it might not be a headline-grabbing project, it is, however, a very important one for the safety of all that use Barkley Regional Airport. 

“Receiving this FAA grant would not be possible without the amazing support from Leader McConnell,” Rouleau continued. “I’ve worked with many elected officials in my career, but our state and federal representatives here in Kentucky are by far the best and the most supportive of aviation. It should also be noted that this project was on the Paducah Chamber of Commerce’s priority list and President Sandra Wilson and the Chamber have always come through for Barkley Regional Airport. The Airport Board will continue to move the Airport forward with important projects like this to maximize our economic impact to the community.”